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Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions >
The following is information about Consumer Priority Service (CPS):
Terms & Conditions Good Work: You've made a smart consumer decision to protect yourself from the future cost of repairing your new product by purchasing a Consumer Priority Service Plan.

PRODUCT ELIGIBILITY, COVERAGE AND TERMS: This Plan covers all mechanical and electrical defects that would normally be covered through the original manufacturer's written warranty, unless contrarily stated in the Exclusions section. Coverage under this Plan will begin instantly upon the expiration of the Manufacturer's original written warranty and is based upon the duration of coverage, product description and retail price limitations displayed on your extended service card (the card specifying your Member ID Number In the front of this package).

If the manufacturer's warranty gives you split-up warranty coverage (this exists when there is uneven coverage for Parts and labor service), this Plan shall commence at the time the shortest portion of the manufacturer's original written warranty expires. This Plan will provide labor and the replacement parts necessary to maintain your covered product in good operating condition. If service is needed because of a failure on a covered product during normal usage, CPS has the option to repair or replace the defective product with a product of concurrent type and caliber. This may be new or renewed. A replacement component may be new or renewed of concurrent type and caliber and may cost less than the original product purchased. We will not charge you or refund you on the replacement product cost difference. Comprehensible and/or technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower market price than the original product. The most we will pay on any single repair or replacement is the price you paid for the product. You may be required to ship or deliver the defective product prior to receiving a replacement product. If we replace the product, our maximum liability will have been met under this contract and there will no longer be coverage under the terms of this contract. Replacement products will include a warranty and the retailer has the option to offer an additional extended service contract on the replaced product. If the product is not repairable and a replacement product is not found within a reasonable amount of time, we will refund you the product's current market value price. You may be required to ship or deliver the defective product prior to receiving reimbursement. In the event we refund you on a defective product our maximum liability will have been met and there will no longer be coverage under the terms of this contract. 

If your product needs service for a mechanical or electrical defect, log on to or call (800) 905-0443 in order to obtain a Claim Authorization Number prior to having repairs performed. For faster service, please have your dated proof of product purchase (sales receipt) available when you place the call. Please note a covered repair can not be preformed prior to having a claim authorization number. Do not return the product to your retailer unless instructed to do so. When you receive a claim authorization number, your claims representative will direct you to a designated service center. Please note, your dated proof of product purchase (sales receipt) and your extended service card (the card specifying your Member ID Number In the front of this package) will be needed at time of service. You may take your product in person or ship it (postage pre-paid and insured) to a designated manufacturer authorized Service Facility and/or a CPS Service Facility (in some cases a call tag may be issued). A copy of the front of your extended service card and a copy of your dated proof of product purchase (sales receipt) and a brief written description of the problem must accompany the product. You may schedule an In-Home service appointment if the words "In-Home Service" appear on front of your extended service card. In-Home Service will be provided when your home is located within sixty miles of an In-Home service provider. If you are entitled to In-Home service but due to environmental and/or technical requirements, certain repairs can not be completed in your home, or if you are located more than sixty miles from the nearest In-Home service provider, the cost to transport and/or ship the product for service will be paid by CPS.

Worldwide Service Option: The Worldwide Service Option protects your product outside the manufacturer's warranty when you travel in a country where there are manufacturer authorized service centers. If your product needs repair, follow the steps below:   Please check with your local telephone company for the international dialing procedures as they may differ from country to country. Please call (800) 905-0443 to obtain a Claim authorization number prior to work being done. Absolutely no work will be done prior to making a claim against your unit and receiving a claim authorization number. Once this is done you can carry or ship the product to an authorized service center. You will be required to submit payment to the service center. You will need to get a copy of the detailed service repair invoice that identifies your product, the repair authorization number and a thorough description of the repairs made. This documentation must be sent to the Claims Department at: 
CPS Department of Claims
P.O. Box 32160
Newark , N.J. 07102

Within 30 days of receipt of all necessary paperwork, provided that a covered repair was performed, you will receive reimbursement.

Please Note: Worldwide Service does not include In-Home Service or the cost of shipping, international or other.

EXCLUSIONS: This Service Contract does not cover unauthorized repairs and/or modifications; vandalism, neglect, abuse, theft, misuse, transportation damage, recall of product by manufacturer or damage due to environmental or weather conditions; any repair covered by a manufacturer's warranty; repairs made before this plan takes effect; improper use of electrical/power supply; dropped product; covered products with removed or altered serial numbers; consumables such as bulbs, filters, batteries, toner, ribbons, drums, developer, or ink cartridges; collision with another object; cosmetic or structural items; damage, warping or rusting of any kind in the housing, case or frame of the covered product or any non-operating part, including plastic or decorative parts; component(s) never covered by a manufacturer's warranty; loss of data or loss of use during the period the product is at a repair facility or otherwise awaiting parts.   CPS is not responsible for any loss of: software, memory, video, or any type of media/content left on or within your unit while being repaired. This Plan does not cover restoration of software, video, memory or any media/content for your covered product. If you're covered product experiences a defect or damage that is excluded from coverage under this section or in the event that no covered defect or damage is found, then you are responsible for all repair costs.   DISCLAIMER OF CERTAIN LIABILITIES: This Plan is not a warranty or an insurance policy it is a service contract under federal law. This service contract is not intended to create or limit any implied warranties concerning your product, which may or may not exist under applicable law.   Registrations of your service plan must be received within 30 days of product purchase to validate this plan, and ensure coverage. To register this plan, log on to or call (800) 905-0443. A copy of your proof of product purchase (sales receipt) and your Member ID Card is required at time of service. CPS cannot register your product for this Plan if you do not complete the registration process. CPS reserves the right to reject any registration and will refund the purchase price of this plan.

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